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our way

a few weeks ago i went to a lecture day on my school. i saw some interesting things.

lernert & sander

you maybe know them of the clip 'elektrotechnique - jeugd van tegenwoordig'

Tinkerbell (Katinka Simonse)
i laughed my ass off with this work, it is so crazy, hilarious but also quite shocking. but i must agree with her statement what she wants to make with her work. she also had a lot of problems with the government, she had a lot of trails, because her work caused a lot of discussions and dis-agreements. you know her from the story, that she made a handbag of her own cat..

this one, you have to watch, sorry it is in dutch. but you will understand it. just watch.


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  2. thank you! wow you are the first one that reacts on my blog, so thank you for that ;-)