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colourranged desk

invited to develop a single or range of products to celebrate the design manufacturer lexon's 20th anniversary, london-based designwright (adrian and jeremy wright) developed 'buro' a series of desk tools.
the set of seven accessories: tape dispenser, calculator, hub, stapler, hole punch, calendar and magnifying lens, are reminiscent of wooden building blocks or a collection of miniature books, unifying the items commonly found on a desk into a coherent and practical range. designed to look appealing both individually and as a set, the simple block forms of the 'buro' series can be stored in any orientation, whether neatly aligned or stacked on top another addressing the problem of clutter which often occurs with all these tools on our desk. available in three color gradients of either green, grey or purple, the pieces are made from ABS with a rubberized finish.

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