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thinking hands

as part of the the ventura lambrate collective space on show at milan design week april 2011,
the bezalel academy, jerusalem exhibits 'thinking hands' a presentation of 45 works from
37 undergraduate and post graduate students within a 100 m2 exhibition area.

'the philosophical background of the theme of the exhibition, 'thinking hands',
comes from the new integration and combination possibilities in design today,
enabled by the post-industrial radical change,' says professor ezri tazari,
head of the master of design program as well as one of the show's curators.

here more work to see i picked some work out, that i really like.

'veggie' by yael friedman 
made from vegetables

'solskin peels' by ori sonnenschein
citrus fruit peels as tableware using microwave technology
'RAWtation' by adi zaffran weisler
fusing plastic rotation molding with organic raw materials

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