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plastique ludique

plastique ludique: libuše niklová (1934-1981), designer de jouets
musée de arts decoratifs, paris on now until november 6th, 2011

he musée des arts décoratifs, paris presents a retrospective exhibition of the work of czech designer libuše niklová (1934-1981) who was well-known in her home country for creating toys and small figurines.

the exhibition opens with a rare set of small figures and animals, painted by hand, often accompanied by a whistle. these objects were created between the mid-1950s and mid-1960s for gumotex břeclav where nikova worked. it was the period after world war II, when wood became an expensive material to use, so the advent of plastic toys emerged. this first series, originally made from rubber was then produced in PVC. it was during this time in which niklova simplified the shapes and silhouettes of her characters.

chat, 1963
chèvre, 1965
bébé, 1964
ramoneur, 1964
infirmière, 1964
le petit chaperon rouge, 1969

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