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everything is lego

many unofficial LEGO gadgets have been on the market for some time now, but next month will see LEGO themselves release a digital camera and MP3 player developed together with digital blue.

LEGO worked with the atlanta-based company who specialize in children's tech-products for a range of gadgets that includes walkie talkies, boomboxes, alarm clocks as well.

official LEGO digital camera by LEGO & blue digital (3 megapixel digital camera, color 1.5” LCD screen, holds 80 images) 

official LEGO MP3 Player by LEGO & blue digital ( 2GB internal memory, 8 hours of playtime) 

official LEGO boombox by LEGO & blue digital (CD player, AM/FM radio band, 2x 1W 2 channel speakers)
official LEGO alarm clock by LEGO & blue digital
official LEGO video camera by LEGO & blue digital  - more
LEGO x alcatel mobile phone - more
unofficial LEGO MP3 Player - more
unofficial iPod dock - more
unofficial iPod dock - more
unofficial LEGO USB flash drives - more
unofficial LEGO USB hub - more
unofficial LEGO calculator - more

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